Three best ways to increase your online sales and lead conversion

In the recent years, online marketing has really kicked off. It’s the most important mean of advertising, considering how many people have access to the internet. If you are a business owner, and this is your first time facing with these terms, then you have been living under the rock. Without over the top online marketing, you can’t expect your business to progress. In this case, the most important thing is to get the customers interested in your brand, and from there you start building your online strategy. Luckily, there are tools which can help you achieve that.

Click Funnels

CFAs you may already know, Click Funnels is a specially designed system which generates sales and follows leads. In our opinion, this is one of the best tools on the market you can use. It features a lot of great options, and it leads you to your targeted audience. With Click Funnels, you will have an insight, for example, what you need to change or repair, to reach a bigger number of visitors or potential customers. Basically, this tool combines everything into one. On top of that, it is effortless to use and to optimize your entire campaigns. The great thing about this software is that you get a 14 – days free trial, so if you don’t like the platform, you can always quit.

InstaBuilder 2

This is a WordPress plugin, and it’s the only sales page or sales builder we recommend you to use. You must be wondering why? Well, because in some cases of WordPress websites the use of this plugin is just convenient. It doesn’t have all the features like Click Funnels, but it’s legit and delivers the results it promises. Unfortunately, you don’t get a free trial with InstaBuilder 2. On the other hand, this tool has a great editor which is easy to use and many advanced solutions in its page builder. The great thing is that it features sales funnel builder in a pro version and for use, this is the best tool in this classification.


There has been a lot of hype about OptimizePress in the past couple of years. This is another WordPress based plugin, and it has a high ranking in the online community, compared to hundreds of plugins out there. The ability to create various product launch funnels and membership pages make this tool an excellent solution. The main limitation is that it’s entirely WordPress driven and you will still need a third-party solution to run your business on a web site. On the other hand, it much better option than to use a WP Profit Builder. Even though it’s much cheaper and people are promoting it as an OptimizedPress killer, which frankly it’s not.

Each of these options we mentioned above are premium versions, but that’s not something you will have to spend a fortune to buy. On the other hand, it will help you significantly to boost your business.