The importance of sales funnels and why use them

Even if internet marketing is a new thing to you, paid ads you come across while browsing the web or Facebook are something you meet every day. Whether it’s Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, it takes a lot of time and a lot of work to get a positive feedback and to return your investment from any of these. Once you design a perfect ad with copy and send sent clicks to a page which will convert them, click funnels will make your entire sale much easier, and even a beginner can do that.

Even if you spend a lot of money to drive traffic to your website, it’s unlikely that some of them will buy your product right away. Instead of thinking which marketing technique you can implement, think about how your marketing and sales can work together to put your services on the right path. Sales funnels can help you accomplish that goal.

What are sales funnels?

To put it simply, sales funnels illustrate the perfect journey that your potential clients go through on their way to becoming the full – time customers. While you try to market your products or services to thousands of people, only small fraction of them will give you a positive feedback and actually be interested in what you are selling or offering. As the name states, you need to funnel prospects down so you can get the new clients. To make this matter simple, let’s break down funnels into stages.

Attract – in this case, you market and advertise your products in order to bring customers to your website.

Convert – in this stage, you offer content that inspires the visitor to share their contact information.

Close – efforts you invest which will encourage clients to become paying customers.

Delight – you provide quality service which will keep them interested.

The ideal scenario illustrates this process:

marketing-sales-funnelFor example, you are looking to a movie subscription service. You head over to Google and search video streaming, in the results you will see Netflix, so you click on the link which will lead you directly to the home page.

While you are browsing the homepage, you notice a button that says “Get Netflix for free,” before you know it, you are inserting your information and opening an account. This stage is called convert.

Several days later, you start receiving emails notifying you about the benefits of the premium version, like no ads, unlimited content, watching on multiple devices and so on. While the free service has been excellent, the ads that have been popping out really annoy you. So, you enter your credit card number and get a premium account.

Delight is the last stage of this process. Here you enjoy the service so much that you recommend it to all of your friends and encourage them to get a free account. In this case, you become a promoter of Netflix, and you continue to share your thought on social media, attracting even bigger publicity.